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Teensafe Reviews and the Best Teensafe Alternative 2018

Teensafe is a mobile tracking app to help parents monitor their children's smartphone activities. Smartphones are fantastic devices, but it is difficult to keep an eye on our kids' online activities. We want to keep our children safe but keeping an eye on them all day is tough. Teensafe allows parents to monitor what their children do on their smartphones, without being overly intrusive.

Part 1: Teensafe Reviews: Pros and Cons


  • Assist to monitor children's texts, calls, messages on popular messaging apps.
  • Can track the browsing history and data.
  • Can control the child's use by setting conditions on when the phone should be used.

Price: monthly subscription of $14.95

Official URL:


Pros/Advantages of Teensafe:

  • Monitor several devices from your own phone.
  • View all text messages including deleted ones.
  • Track their location via GPS.
  • No need to jailbreak an iOS device or root an Android phone.
  • Block any apps you deem inappropriate for your children.
  • Control when kids use their devices - Need to make time for family? Simply block their devices during certain hours.

Cons/Disadvantages of Teensafe:

Teensafe is not a perfect device several Teensafe reviews are from parents complaining about the problems they encountered.

  • Users on iOS devices encountered technical problems.
  • Difficulty in setting up and using software.
  • No 24x7 customer support.
  • Images and videos sent via text cannot be seen onscreen.
  • Cannot monitor Facebook activity.

Website Reviews:

Let's have a look over websites providing complete reviews about Teensafe reviews and usage. You can get a complete details by visiting the mentioned websites reviews:


Users Reviews:

Below are some of the Teensafe reviews by the users:

Drew Talbot: "I really like the fact that I can see all text messages...even the deleted ones. Kids today are really smart and will try to get rid of those texts. I check them out not because I don't trust my daughter but because I don't trust other kids (especially boys) that can wan to trick her into something. It's not expensive and I can sleep better."

Nathan: "Unfortunately the App uses allot of data, noticeably slowing and upsetting the child's phone's functionality and runs the battery down quicker. Otherwise it does all that it says it does and installing and pairing it is not a complicated drama."

Sheila: "This application has caused me so much stress. I can get it to sync despite doing everything by the letter in the instructions. I have gotten very short answers back from the help center not even asking what I've tried. I have backed up iCloud, I have signed into iTunes on her phone and I have waited 12-24 hours. Now- I'm done. Bring back good old fashioned parenting!"

Part 2: Best Teensafe Alternative: Spyzie

If criticisms from Teensafe reviews have you looking for an alternative monitoring app, then try Spyzie. Spyzie is the best Teensafe alternative to monitor children's smartphone activities. Spyzie is fantastic because it tracks an extraordinary amount of data. You can monitor your children's activities more comprehensively. Spyzie allows you to hack and monitor more file types than Teensafe. With Spyzie, not only can you analyze call logs and text messages, you can also monitor a Samsung, HTC, Google Nexus, Sony, and Huawei, LG or Lenovo device without issues:

Beside this you can also:

  • Preview and read background info on videos.
  • View and download pictures from the protected device.
  • Monitor installed apps and download any pictures.
  • Browse through the contact list.
  • Monitor activity on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Read the notes and reminders.
  • Track and play voice memos.
  • Access calendar events and locations.

How to Use Spyzie as an Alternative Parental Monitoring App

Spyzie is a more attractive Teensafe alternative because of its flexibility in terms of features and easy to use interface. Spyzie offers an easy, issue-free set up process that works with any smartphone device. The process differs slightly with iOS and Android devices. The setup process for Android devices consists of three important steps:

  1. Create a Spyzie account.
  2. Install the app on your child's phone.
  3. Log into the control panel and start monitoring.

Steps in detail:

Step 1: Create an account with Spyzie using a valid email address, choose your pricing plan and sign up.

Step 2: The second stage takes you to the setup page. To complete the set up process you must have your child's device in hand. You must give a name to the device (to identify it when monitoring the device). You must also state whether the operating system is Android or iOS.

Go to ’Lock and Security' under Settings and select ’Unknown sources' and select ’Ok'

Download and install file, the downloaded file can be found as an APK file in ’Notifications' or ’Downloads‘.

Once the app is installed, and log into your Spyzie account. Select ’Start' and accept all permission requests. Note that once the service is activated the icon will disappear and will work under stealth mode.

Step 3: Once you have set up the app, turn back to your laptop or phone to complete the process. You can log into the Spyzie dashboard at, or the control app if you are using the phone. The dashboard is where you will monitor activity. When you log into the dashboard for the first time it will take a few seconds to sync data from your child's mobile. Make sure the phone is connected to the internet or syncing cannot take place.

For iOS device

The set up process is slightly different on iOS devices. To complete it successfully you will need the following:

  • The iOS device to be monitored.
  • iCloud account for iOS device.
  • A Spyzie premium account to gain all features.

Steps in detail:

Step 1: Create a Spyzie account: Give a valid email address and select the premium subscription. The account gives you access to the control panel.

Step 2:- The setup Wizard will ask for the name and age, along with the type of operating system. Add in the information and select iOS. The next page will ask for the iCloud login details. Make sure the iOS device is connected to the iCloud before proceeding.

Step 3: After the iCloud is verified you can access the control panel through your own device. The data from your child's phone should be synced and you can start monitoring within minutes.

Teensafe is an acceptable solution to a problem most parents face, but if you are interested in an alternative then try Spyzie. With robust features and choices in pricing, Spyzie is a fantastic Teensafe alternative guaranteed to keep your children safe without any of the hassle many who use Teensafe experience. Spyzie is committed to protecting your children from harmful online activity like cyber bullying. You can visit the official website to gather more information at You can also speak to a representative through live chat or email.

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