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A Practical Guide To Setting Up iPhone Parental Controls

With so much going on around the world, it is of utmost importance to set restrictions on the usage of smartphones, particularly when it comes to kids. Fortunately, with iPhone parental controls, you can add restrictions, limits, or even block the usage of certain apps and create a nurturing environment for your kids. In this informative post, we will make you familiar with how you can use parental controls for iPhone. Let’s get it started.

Part 1: How to Setup and Use iPhone Restrictions

With the parental controls iPhone features, you can restrict the kind of content that would be accessible by your little one. Now just iPhone, the restriction feature can also be used on an iPad or iPod touch. Just follow these easy steps to set up parental control iPhone restrictions.

1. Start by visiting “Settings” on your device and tap the “General” option.

2. Here, you will get various options. Tap on the “Restrictions” feature.

3. Tap on the “Enable Restrictions” option to turn it on.

4. The device will ask you to enter a passcode to set restrictions on your device.

5. After the passcode would be approved, you will get accessibility to various options. You can just toggle on or off the app you want to restrict.

6. If you want to block explicit media content, then go to “Music & Podcasts” and turn it off.

7. Under the “Movies” section, you can further restrict the rating of movies that your child can access.

8. Similarly, under the “TV Shows” option, you can just select the kind of content that can be accessed by your kid.

9. You can also restrict the access to explicit content in books. To do so, go to the “Books” section and toggle the feature of explicit content off.

10. Additionally, you can restrict Siri to use or even search any unwanted content. Go to “Siri” option and turn it off.

11. Also, under the “Apps” section, you can just select the age restrictions of apps with respect to your device.

12. Lastly, go to the “Websites” section and limit the kind of content that your kid can browse.

After setting all these restrictions, you would be able to use the parental controls for iPhone to its best without any trouble.

Part 2: How to Setup and Use iPhone Guided Access

While parental controls iPhone can help you restrict the kind of content that your kid can access on their phone, it can also give you some added features. There are times when you can just lend your phone to them or would like to limit their usage of smartphone as well. With parental control iPhone and the Guided Access feature, you can set the screen time on a device as well. This will set a given time for their usage, so that they can access an app or a play a game for a given time.

2.1 How to Enable Guided Access

Let’s start by learning how to enable the Guided Access feature on an iPhone. Do it by just following these easy instructions.

1. Start by visiting the “General” section under Settings and choose the option of “Accessibility”. Under the Learning section, just tap on the option of “Guided Access” to set up iPhone parental controls.

2. Turn on the Guided Access option. Now, you can tap the “Passcode Setting” and create a passcode to lock/unlock the device. Additionally, if your device has a Touch ID feature, then turn it on to unlock Guided Access mode with your fingerprint.

3. To set up a time limit, tap on the “Time Limits” option and set a distinctive sound to let you know about it. The “Speak” option will speak the time remaining out loud (for instance, speaking “30 seconds left”).

After this, you have enabled the Guided Access on your device. Learn it how to use it in the next section.

2.2 How to Start Guided Access

After setting the Guided Access control, you can just start using it with a single tap. You can do it by following these easy steps.

1. Start by pressing the “Home” button on your device while you are in the middle of an app or a game.

2. Tap on the “Options” menu at the bottom left corner to open the Guided Access menu.

3. Here, you can set the time period and just tap on “Done” to implement it. Simply tap on “Start” option to turn on the Guided Access window.

2.3 How to End Guided Access

After starting the Guided Access, you can also end it without any trouble. You would be required to follow these steps.

1. To end the Guided Access (even before the time limit expires), press the “Home” button consecutively three times. Your device would ask you to provide the passcode to exit the Guided Access window.

2. Additionally, if you have enabled the Touch ID option, just press the “Home” button once and touch the sensor with your finger. Now, just tap on the “End” option (displayed on the top left corner) to exit the Guided Access screen.

Also, to end the Guided Access option permanently, you can also visit Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access and toggle the option “off”.

Part 3: Top 4 iPhone Parental Controls Apps

Furthermore, there are lots of parental control iPhone apps that can make your job a whole lot easier. We have handpicked some of the best parental control apps for you.

3.1 Spyzie

It is one of the best apps to monitor or supervising the everyday activities of your child. It provides a wide range of features like location tracking, monitoring of SMS, call logs, WhatsApp messages, etc.

You can access the application from almost anywhere and keep a strict eye on your kid’s activity. It supports multiple languages and will help you manage their activity in one place. You can download it from right here. There are three different plans available presently. The basic plans start from as less as $9.99 a month ($59.99 a year).

3.2 Family Time

This iPhone tracker app will help you monitor the activity of your family members without any trouble. It is considered as one of the best apps for parental controls for iPhone. With its distinctive time limits features and Homework, BedTime, or Teen-safe modes, you can automate the usage of a respective device on the go.

Additionally, you can track the device’s location, block apps, filter content, track internet usage, and perform various operations. The application can be downloaded from its official website right here. The premium My Family 5 plan will cost as less as $1.15 a month.

3.3 NetSanity

NetSanity is another popular parental controls iPhone app that is used all over the world for its reliability. You can download the app or get to know more about it from its official website right here.

It provides various features like time blocker, app blocker, location tracking, safe search, time out, website blocker, and a lot more. You can get an unparalleled access to one device by paying around $60 a year. It also has a 14-day free trial, so that you can get to know about its features before buying a premium plan.

3.4 Pumpic

Pumpic is considered as one of the most comprehensive and easy to manage parental controls for iPhone. It can help you monitor almost every kind of activity on your kid’s device on the go. With it, you can keep a check on their location and set various restrictions related to the device’s usage seamlessly.

Additionally, with Pumpic, you can also monitor a device’s social media usage and other messaging apps as well. You can get the application from its official website here. The basic plan starts from $33.99 a month.

We are sure that after getting to know about these popular apps, you can easily control how your child uses their smartphone. Additionally, you can set restrictions on your device as well while lending it to them. Go ahead and try these restrictions and guided access features to make the best out of iPhone parental controls. If you face any trouble, then let us know in the comments below.

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