Spyzie Affiliate Policy

Our Affiliate Policy:

a. All affiliates must ensure that all materials obtainable on your website(s) or in any email, other marketing communications sent by you to promote Spyzie, represents Spyzie in a professional, accurate and positive manner;

b. Do not use any unsolicited or spam emails to promote Spyzie;

c. Any discount promotion of our products by affiliates should be authorized by Spyzie Co., Ltd. Every affiliate must not offer additional coupons, bonuses or incentives to the customer. Please contact us if you have any discount promotion plan;

d. Affiliates must not use "Spyzie", "Spyzie.com", "Spyzie Official" or similar words in any advertising, which may mislead consumers;

e. Affiliates may not redistribute Spyzie Products in any way without written permission from Spyzie;

f. Affiliates should not submit our product/service to other websites by changing the product/service name or even using the same name of our product/service;

g. It is not allowed to sell any of our products by affiliates on a website which is related to auction, such as, eBay;

h. Affiliates must not exaggerate the functionalities of our products/service in any form;

i. Domain Name Restriction Affiliates are not allowed to use the protected keywords following as part of their domain name, include but not limited to: Spyzie, Spyzieware;

j. Affiliates are not allowed to endorse Spyzie on any websites or in any marketing materials, communications, networks which:

  1. contain misleading or deceptive marketing activities;
  2. involve or promote violence;
  3. discriminate against people based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age;
  4. are in any way involved in illegal activities;
  5. violate the intellectual property rights of Spyzie or a third party;
  6. do not have or do not link to a clearly stated online privacy policy; and/or contain any offensive or inappropriate content or is otherwise involved in any matter considered to be offensive or inappropriate by Spyzie.

k. All rights reserved by Spyzie Co., Ltd.