How to Stop Being Addicted to Snapchat

Social media addiction has been around for a while and is only getting worse. If you spend too much time on Snapchat every day, then chances are that you might be addicted to it as well. Thankfully, there are some proven ways that you can take to stop being addicted to Snapchat. Almost every parent is concerned about Snapchat addicted and would like to make sure that their kids don’t spend too much time using the app. In this guide, we will let you know about Snapchat addiction help and what thoughtful steps a parent should take.

What is a Snapchat addiction?

Ideally, Snapchat addiction is just like getting addicted to any other social media platform. Users spend too much time on the app while sending snaps, posting stories, or viewing the content of their friends. It also allows us to chat with our friends. Since snaps and chats disappear soon after they are viewed, it lets us constantly use the app without leaving any track of it. A lot of people use the app so much that it leads to sleep deprivation.

In the end, Snapchat addiction leads to frustration and insomnia. Addicts are not able to focus on their work or be productive. Without using the app frequently, they feel restless and angry. Needless to say, Snapchat addiction help should be taken seriously and every parent should be taught how to handle this issue.

What is a Snapchat addiction

Signs of Snapchat Addiction

Snapchat addiction doesn’t develop out of the blue. Therefore, before you know how to stop being addicted to Snapchat, look for these alarming signs.

  • Most of the people who are addicted to Snapchat use the app frequently, when even they are having an important conversation.
  • Sometimes, even in the middle of the work or while chasing a deadline, they need to check Snapchat frequently.
  • A lot of addicts are obsessed with their Snapchat score and would like to try all the filters.
  • People also post more snaps to collect trophies besides working on their score.
  • If Snapchat is the first app you check after waking up and the last one you spend your time on before sleeping, then you are quite addicted to it.
  • Too often, people compromise on their sleep or miss a deadline because they spend too much time on Snapchat.
  • Snapchat addicts keep checking stories of their friends and sometimes snap the most ordinary of things way too frequently.
  • Sometimes, even while driving or doing something important, users find themselves spending time on Snapchat.

Signs of Snapchat Addiction

How to stop being addicted to Snapchat?

Now when you know about Snapchat addiction signs, follow these steps to stop being addicted to Snapchat.

Block Snapchat with a third-party parental control app

This is undoubtedly the best way to get Snapchat addiction help. If your kids are addicted to Snapchat, then you can block the app on their device for a certain time. To do this, you can take the assistance of any parental control app like FamiSafe. The tool can be used to remotely block or unblock certain apps or app categories on kids' devices, including Snapchat. Besides that, you can also restrict the use of the entire device for the specific time limits as well.

stop snapchat addiction

Preset Screen Time

Preset screen time to limit where and when kids can use Snapchat. Improve school performance.

stop snapchat addiction

Go offline

If you can, simply take a break from all social media apps for a few days. Try to go offline and focus on what really matters in your life. Go out and meet your friends instead of chatting with them on Snapchat.

Know the negative effects of social media

Sometimes, social media can have a lot of negative effects as well, which you should know while getting Snapchat addiction help. It can tamper with your sleeping cycle, productivity, and even make you depressed. If your kids are addicted to Snapchat, then teach them about privacy and that not everything should be shared on social media.

addicted to snapchat

Learn that snaps can be permanent

A lot of people start developing Snapchat addiction because they believe snaps are not permanent. Your friends can take a screenshot of your snap if they want to (though, you would get a notification for that). Besides that, there are tons of third-party apps that can be used to save snaps permanently without sending any notification.

Set time restrictions

Make sure that you only use Snapchat for restricted time duration. Also, before sending any snap, take a step back and ask yourself if you really need to post it?

how to stop being addicted to snapchat

Use productivity apps

There are also tons of productivity apps that you can use. This will make sure that you don’t use Snapchat while working. In this way, you can lock the app and focus on your work.

Work on a schedule

Set a strict schedule for your deadlines and don’t get distracted by social media apps like Snapchat. You might need to be a little strict with your kids if you want them to stop being addicted to Snapchat.

stop being addicted to snapchat

Develop a passion

A lot of users get addicted to social media because they find nothing else to do. Try to use your time in the best way by developing a passion. If your kids need Snapchat addiction help, then take them out and get to know their passion. They might end up being a writer, chef, artist, or a photographer.

Go to bed early

Most of the people suffering from Snapchat addiction find it hard to sleep early and spends too much time on the app. Make sure that you go to bed early and put your phone in the silent mode or turn off its mobile data.


Last, but most importantly, simply uninstall the app and focus on other important things in life.

snapchat addiction help

Monitor any Android or iOS device with Spyzie

If you want to provide Snapchat addiction help to your kids, then you can take the assistance of Spyzie as well. It is a remarkable device tracking and spying tool that will let you monitor how your kids use their smartphones. Even though the app is compatible with every iOS and Android device, its social app tracking feature only works on Android as of now. After installing the tracking app on the target device, you can remotely monitor it. This will allow you to check whether your kids are addicted to Snapchat or not.

monitor snapchat

Furthermore, you can help your kids and stop being addicted to Snapchat using its device restriction tool. You can schedule restrictions on the device and set limitations for its use. Also, you can block any installed app on their phones remotely. With these amazing tools, you can easily work on Snapchat addiction help.

limite snapchat

By taking the assistance of Spyzie, you can certainly stop being addicted to Snapchat and help your kids focus on their priorities. In this way, you can provide Snapchat addiction help to your loved ones for sure. If you also know someone who is suffering from Snapchat addiction, then share this guide with them and help them move past this habit.

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