7 Ways to Help You Break Phone Addiction 2018

Do you want your life dictated by your phone? If the answer is no read on to find out how to fight phone addiction.

It is no surprise that people are dealing with phone addiction. Smartphones let you watch movies, listen to podcasts, download music, and stream TV shows. As a smartphone owner, you talk to friends and colleagues from a single device, and download apps to your smartphone to enhance your experience. It is no wonder then that more people are dealing with phone addiction. Smartphone addiction is a growing phenomenon and it has no age restriction. Adults and children are equally vulnerable to smartphone addiction. But we can fight and stop being addicted to phone if we use the right techniques.

How to Stop Phone Addiction?

Stopping phone addiction is a question of habits. If you can adjust your lifestyle, you can easily combat phone addiction. We list seven ways to control your addiction.

1. Set time limits.

Spending less time on your phone is an efficient way to combat cell phone addiction. It can be done in two ways:  Setting time limits yourself or downloading a phone control app. An app like Spyzie is better because it automatically ‘locks’ the phone when you exceed the time limit.

Spyzie is an excellent app for combating phone addiction. It offers a lot of features for monitoring and restricting phone usage:

  • Analyze call logs
  • Monitor text messages
  • Keep an eye on social media activity.
  • Download and browse contacts.
  • Check web browser history.
  • Track what was typed on the smartphone keypad.
  • Take screenshots.

How to Stop Phone Addiction

Even if you are not great with technology, you can still use Spyzie to set limits. The process of registering, downloading and installing the app is simple. The entire process can be completed within minutes. The app is accessible on both iOS and Android devices, even if you own an Apple, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, or LG, you can still use Spyzie.

Are you having a hard time disciplining yourself to stop being addicted to phone? Then Spyzie is a great remedy. The phone app allows you set to time limits and even block apps. Spyzie is an excellent tool for combating phone addiction because of its automated functions. It can be difficult to stick to our time limits, especially when we start dealing with phone addiction. However, with a little help from Spyzie, preventing phone addition is much easier.

Spyzie can be used to set limits on other phones. You only need to install the Spyzie app onto another phone to set limits. Sypzie is useful for preventing cell phone addiction with your children. Spyzie lets you monitor your children’s smartphone activity from a distance, and place restrictions on how long they use it. You can block certain apps using Spyzie.

Concerned about your children playing too many games? Block all video game apps. Worried about how much time spent on Facebook and Twitter? Block all social media apps. Parents can set rules and enforce those boundaries with help from Spyzie. Even if you are at work, you can still check your children’s smartphone activity. The app is very difficult to trace once installed, so even if kids are tech savvy they cannot uninstall Spyzie. Using Spyzie makes the fight against phone addiction easier, particularly if you plan on fighting addiction by setting time limits.

2. Customize Notifications

Notifications are one of the reasons we spend so much time on the phone. Limiting notifications gives you fewer excuses to check the phone constantly. The fewer reasons you have to check your phone, the less time you spend on it. Spending less time checking notifications can help you stop being addicted to phone.

3. Delete unnecessary apps

How to stop phone addiction? Deleting unnecessary apps is the first step. We are addicted to smartphones because they provide access to friends and entertainment. Therefore, deleting apps means you spend less time on the phone. These apps are not vital for the phone's function and can be deleted. Deleting apps where you spend a lot of time not only benefits you but your smartphone as well. It means no unnecessary space is taken up.

4. Don’t bring the phone to bed

Not taking the phone to bed combats cell phone addiction and lets you sleep better at night. You will not be checking notifications during the late hours of the night. The backlight from the phone would not disrupt your circadian rhythm, which improves sleep.

5. Use Airplane mode

Airplane mode disables many functions on your smartphone, prevents the reception of messages, and connection to Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. Using Airplane mode gives you little reason to spend time on your phone, which is excellent for fighting addiction.

6. Turn on grayscale

You are probably thinking how to stop phone addiction with grayscale? Grayscale makes images and icons much less attractive. When icons and images are no longer bright vibrant and color, spending time on the phone is no longer appealing. Hence, grayscale gives you a great reason to spend less time on the phone. Hence, we recommend turning on grayscale to change the color scheme. To make the changes on an iPhone go to Display > Accommodations > Color Filter. On Samsung, find ‘Vision’ > Grayscale.

7. Check your time using a watch

We use our smartphones to check the time; however after checking the time we are tempted to check notifications. To prevent this from happening, simply avoid using your phone to check the time. Use your watch instead.

Cell Phone Addiction Signs and Symptoms

You might be thinking you are not addicted to your phone, but you could be displaying the signs and symptoms without knowing it. Hence, we listed all the signs of phone addiction below. Recognizing the symptoms is the first step to addressing how to stop phone addiction.

  • Suffers withdrawal when phone or network is down. Withdrawal includes anger, depression, and anxiety.
  • Jeopardizes a job or relationship.
  • Suffers digital eye strain – pain from looking at a screen for more than 2 hours.
  • Dealing with blurred vision, itching eyes, and headache.
  • Using smartphone when feeling anxious and depressed.
  • A risk of an accident due to distraction and impairment.
  • Sleep disorder and fatigue.
  • Cannot develop relationships offline.
  • Loses track of time when using the phone.

We explore the best ways to combat smartphone addiction and to stop being addicted to phone. Smartphones are excellent devices but we cannot let the devices dominate our lives, especially at the expense of our relationships. Spyzie is a unique solution because it can be used to prevent addiction and combat it. The phone control app can set limits on how often a phone is used to make sure you do not spend too much time on the phone. Spyzie is also great for combating cell phone addiction. Someone who needs to spend less time with their phone can have restrictions placed on them through the app. Try it now!

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