How to Stop Facebook Addiction

How many times do you open up your Facebook account in a day?

There are 1.15 billion mobile daily active users (Mobile DAU) for December 2016, an increase of 23 percent year-over-year.  (Source:  Facebook as of 2/01/17) 

Looking at that number, it is completely understandable that even though the term Facebook addiction has not been coined as a real medical condition but still a lot of people suffer from the effect.

Like any other disease or addiction, one thinks that I am not a part of those “Facebook addicts” because I am in my control.

But are you really?

Let’s first have a clear understanding of what Facebook addiction really is.

What Is Facebook Addiction?

Addiction as per its definition is: A strong and harmful need to regularly have something or do something.

I know what you are thinking now! No, eating is not an addiction neither drinking water.

Anything that is done overly or felt the need of it more than in reality is addiction.  If you checking your Facebook feed right after you wake and before going to sleep then you are addicted to Facebook.

Like all other addictions, it doesn’t seem to be a point of concern in the beginning but there is a lot going on subconsciously than you actually think.

You will be shocked that I used to chat with my so call Facebook friends more than my real friends; there were even my virtual girlfriends.

People whom I never saw or met in real life were overtaking my mind and controlling my behavior.

I guess if you have some friends over Facebook whom you do not personally know or tried to know a new person in your city or abroad, you would relate with me on this part.

Facebook Addiction

Here are some mind altering Facebook addiction quotes:

  • “People who are not on Facebook are face to face.” 
  • “Today, spend a little time cultivating relationships offline. Never forget that everybody isn't on social media.” 
  • “I was going to clean my house but then someone comment on my Facebook status”
  • “Do you feel out of touch if you do not use Facebook even for a day? You might be addicted”
  • “Every form of addiction is bad, be it narcotics, alcohol, ecstasy or Facebook”

Facebook Addiction Symptoms:

Like any other addiction, Facebook addiction has its own set of symptoms. But unlike any other addiction, if you have any of these than you are certainly addicted to Facebook.

1. You use Facebook for more than 2 hours a day.

Going through the newsfeed or chatting with one of your friends might not seem as a long duration but if you are over doing it then it needs to be given some break.

On an average, a person who is not addicted to Facebook spends 50 minutes of his time daily on Facebook.  How can you track the time spent by you? Keep reading I will uncover it in a minute.

2. Anxiousness after posting something on Facebook.

Do you feel uneasy after posting something on Facebook?

If it does not get a good feedback, in other words, a lot of likes and comments then do you tend to delete that post?

If above situations are true for you then not only you have Facebook addiction but you are going towards a slope where you think that everybody is judging you.

You lack confidence in normal day to day conversations and try to remain isolated.

3. Posting each and every incident on Facebook.

To get the attention of your Facebook friends, how far can you go?

To glorify your little achievements, what comes first to your mind?

No doubt social media is a great way of marketing and telling your idea to entire world but posting each and every little detail about your life over Facebook is considered as an addiction.

I have personally seen people posting their relationship and breakup statuses on Facebook, pregnancy news, newborn news and what not!

4. Your personal relationship suffers due to Facebook usage.

I have been there, my friends would come to meet me and chill out but all I was doing is chat with my “Facebook friends”.

No doubt it was so annoying to them that they have come for a good time with me but I am trying to flirt with an unknown girl over Facebook.

It seriously sucks because this habit was ruining my personal relationships. My friends would not tell me but deep down they did not want to hang out with me anymore.

5. You feel lonely and exhausted every now and then.

Ever had that thought of what to do with my life?

It ends up by putting yourself in such a depressing state that you start hating yourself.

How bad anything else could be than a person starts hating his own life. At this point you know that something is wrong in your life but you just ignore the fact that it could be as simple as a habit of using Facebook and being a Facebook addict.

As I said before, any one of these symptoms are enough to tell that a person has Facebook addiction.

After knowing all of these Facebook addiction symptoms, I am sure you would want to break the addiction and live a much better life with more freedom.

How To Break Your Facebook Addiction?

It is high time that you broke Facebook addiction and here are very implementable tips on how can you do that.

I will also recommend a tool that will help you overcome this habit and win back your freedom.

1. Set time limits on your phone or block Facebook app.

Admit it, to break any kind of addiction; you need to lower the amount of intake of that particular substance.

Setting time limits to the usage of Facebook will help you big time in getting it in control and there is a perfect tool to do that for you: Spyzie, which is the best cell phone monitoring for parental control

Spyzie is a professional monitoring solution provider specializing in tracking and monitoring tools for smartphone users.

It helps you track all the information of your whole device and you can block the Facebook app when you do not want to be disturbed or distracted.

Break Your Facebook Addiction

2. Parents or guardians monitoring your behavior.

Nobody cares about their child more than parents.

Spyzie is the best parental control application available for both Android and ios.

You can control your children’s activity right from your home on the app or website. (Spyzie)

Look out the Facebook usage and try to keep it in control so that your child spends more time with you.

how to get over facebook addiction

3. Turn off all notifications.

One of the most distracting features of a smartphone is the notification sound and it swipes away hours from our day.

Spyzie can even control the notifications of a specific app and turn on or off to your will. This app does this job amazingly and you need not install any other application for that or toggle your settings.

Facebook addiction can be broken with such tactics and made sure that you will not be disturbed while working.

4. Do not let yourself access Facebook when it tempts.

Control comes from practice and breaking Facebook addiction requires strict discipline.

You can give the control of your Facebook app to your known and they can then control your habit of looking into the Facebook.

Spyzie does this wonderful job with its best in the class monitoring features.

5. Blocking the site to free yourself up.

Spyzie has the ability to show the browsing history. So you have the control of all the data and the tool to help you break the Facebook addiction.

stop facebook addiction

6. Deactivate your Facebook account.

Taking up the charge and directly deactivating the Facebook account right away will show you how bad you want to use it.

Try to shun the temptation a bit more than yesterday. With time and endurance, you will start to see changes   in your behavior and thinking process.

how to stop facebook addiction

A few tips for parents

  • Children get bullied on social media and mostly on Facebook, they, go into a state of depression, inability to think properly and much worse they commit suicide.
  • It is always better to have control on what they do over their social media and the best way to monitor that is using Spyzie.
  • Spyzie helps you have control on overall activity of your children, whatever they are doing on their smartphones.
  • Monitor calls, texts, and data usage on an iOS/Android device.
  • You can access the data from your own phone or website with Spyzie.

Spyzie is the best app in its category and does the job amazingly. You have the power in your hands and all the idea of parental controlling and monitoring becomes possible with this single application.

Have a try yourself, you can sign up for a free Spyzie account and experience the power of having more control than ever.

The only regret you will have is that you did not get this app before as there is so much of the data in your control yet at the same time, very easy to use.

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