How to Break Phone Addiction

Our life is getting advanced every day with the help of technology. The more advance we become the more gadgets are available for personal usage. Smartphones are available for almost everyone in our world and as smartphones are really advanced, they are making us more attracted towards them. We are becoming more obsessed with our smartphones day by day. Phone dependency is worse than drug addiction because you never realise that you are wasting your valuable time in a gadget. It increases anxiety and the feeling of being left out everything. It has a very bad effect for both your mental and physical health. You will never understand that you could have done so much productive work in the time that you are wasting on your smartphone. To lower your phone dependency, you need to follow some rules so that it can be reduced for your better future.

Cell Phone Addiction Signs and Symptoms:

There are a lot of signs and symptoms that can be considered for phone addiction. But some of them are very effective so below are some mentioned signs and symptoms-

  • When you have your smartphone in hand all the time.
  • Your smartphone battery doesn’t last long due to excessive usage.
  • You worry too much about you cell phone.
  • Taking your smartphone to the bathroom with you.
  • The first thing and last thing before going to bed that you do every day is checking your phone.
  • Increased level of stress.
  • Insomnia and anxiety problem.
  • Increased level of depression and aggressiveness.
  • Unable to reduce or stop the use of your phone though you know that it’s affecting everything.
  • Use your phone whenever you are bored.
  • Becoming anxious to respond to your calls, notifications and messages etc.

Cell Phone Addiction Signs

How to Break Your Phone Addiction

Here are the 7 effective ways to help reduce your phone dependence-

1. Change The Notification Settings of Your Phone

If you can change the notification settings in your phone, it will help you to check your phone lesser times. You can easily change the push notification settings and disable them in your phone. Also you can disable the notifications of every app in the app settings area. This will help you to forget about your phone. The less notification you receive, the better chances increase for you not to check your phone. It’s not an easy to disable your notifications because everyone is so much addicted to their smartphone, they can’t even imagine their phone not vibrating because of notifications.

Break Your Phone Addiction

2. Stop Checking Your SMS and Emails All The Time

We all face this problem all the time. That eagerness and itch inside us to check our messages and emails all the time, is one of the main reasons that we check our phone all the time. Sometimes we keep checking our phone for messages though we don’t have any new messages to read. This is a very bad habit and this needs to be changed. Unless it’s very urgent, don’t check your phone at all. This is not an easy task but once you make it a habit, you will see that you don’t feel the urge anymore that inspires you to check your phone all the time.

How to Break Your Phone Addiction

3. Limit your phone usage

You should try limiting your smartphone usage. It doesn’t mean that you will have to totally stop checking your phone, but it means that you need to limit the amount of time you are using on your smartphone. You need to set some rules for yourself to check your smartphone in a particular time and not to check it when it’s not according to your rules. As an example, when you are having lunch or dinner or when you are spending time with your family, you should not check your phone at these times.

How to Break Phone Addiction

4. Uninstall All The Unnecessary Apps

You need to uninstall all the unnecessary apps on your smartphone. There are a lot of apps that you don’t need to use at all most of the time. But still, when there are so many apps on your phone you’ll obviously check those apps or feel the urge to check them all the time. You don’t need to have all kinds of social media apps on your phone. Uninstall these apps to set your mind free from the feeling of being left out. The less apps on your phone, the lesser chances to feel the urge for checking your phone.

Break Phone Addiction

5. Use The Airplane Mode

Using the airplane mode is the best way to block all the incoming notifications, calls and messages on your phone. This will give you the time to be free from all those stress and anxiety. Every day you receive a hive of notifications, calls and messages. Just think about it for a moment, what will actually happen when you become free from all of these? So without thinking twice, just set your phone on the airplane mode. It will save the battery charge that you waste on those notifications and save your time.

Break Cell Phone Addiction

6. Switch off Your Phone When it’s Time to Sleep

A lot of times we keep ourselves busy in using social media apps and other apps on our phone when it’s time to sleep. At late night checking your phone and using it without sleeping properly has a very bad effect on your health. There is no important app that can justify your reason of not sleeping properly at night. To stop yourself from ruining your sleep, you need to switch off your phone at least 1 hour before going to sleep. This will help you to have a good sleep and it’s very good for your health.

How to Break Cell Phone Addiction

7. Use Apps to Limit Your Phone Usage

There are various apps and software’s on the internet that can be used to limit your phone usage. It will need a lot of dedication but once you get used to it, you will see how you have managed to put a limitation on checking your phone all the time. These apps will stop you from using your phone too much and sometimes they will totally switch off your phone when you use it excessively.

stop being addicted to phone

Though these ways can help you break your phone dependence but there is a great software which can help you to limit your phone usage.

Spyzie – The Best Parental Control and Monitoring software

Spyzie is a web based software which can help parents to track their kids phone easily. This software can help you to extract information from any iPhone or android phone without breaking a sweat. This is the best parental control and monitoring software on the internet. You can register a Spyzie account and follow the easy setup process. After that you will be able to monitor any target device from the control panel of the web based system. You will be able to track text messages, browse contacts, check browser category, track GPS location, view photos, view installed apps, monitor social media accounts, extract data and files etc. You can also block apps on your phone with the help of Spyzie so that you don’t check your phone too much. Spyzie will help you learn how to limit your smartphone usage.

Day by day our life is getting more far from real because of smartphones. The more we can stay away from these gadgets the better our life will become. Breaking your phone addiction is not an easy task at all but if you follow these tips properly and have dedication then you will definitely succeed. You can register a free account of Spyzie and start monitoring your phone usage. This will ensure less use of your phone and spend time on more important works.

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