Treatment for Addiction to Smartphones

10am on a lazy Sunday morning. As our eyes open, we suddenly hear a noise: Zzz! Zzz! Our hands reach for our phones and thus, our day begins with checking our messages, replying to them and posting social media updates. We are so engrossed in our phones, that we do not even realize the passage of time. Suddenly, it’s 12 pm in the afternoon and as the blazing rays of the sun enter our room, our parents shout at us to wake up and ask as to why we wake up so late. However, being used to this tirade, we smile and get up calmly, without any shame or remorse.

It is both saddening and alarming to note that this dangerous trend of cell phone addiction is indeed the state of affairs across most households, not only in India but all across the world.

Indeed, cell phone addiction was not as alarming as it is now. If one considers a Nokia 3310 user, how much of his/her time would he/she spend on his/her cellphone at an average? 3-4 hours, that too with breaks in between.

And today? A staggering 10-12 hours just surfing Facebook, Instagram and texting!

Now, if we look at the 21st century, back to the Android, Blackberry, Samsung, and iPhone smartphone age, we find that irrespective of which brand or type of smartphone is brought more regularly, or which brand is more popular than the rest, there is a common problem with respect to their usage which brings them all together under one banner: cell phone addiction. It is indeed a mortifying reality.

Now, indeed, what is cell phone addiction? It can be defined as an unhealthy attachment and obsession with a (or our) cell phones, which makes us so dependent on it that we cannot imagine even a few moments without it.

cell phone addiction

(The photo above is a good example of such an addiction, as the people depicted are more interested in their cell phones than in their human counterparts and making conversation).

Signs And Symptoms Of A Cell Phone Addiction

Now, how can one identify as cell phone addict? Just as a chain smoker can be identified by the yellowish nicotine staining on his/her nails, and an alcoholic by his/her disoriented movements and anti-social inclinations, a cell phone addict too can be identified by a particular set of characteristics:-

1. Depression

This is one of the most obvious traits when it comes to cell phone addiction. Studies have proven that increased cell phone usage leads to depression as people tend to rely more on their cell phones for stress relief, for getting an ‘emotional high’ etc as opposed to talking to their own friends regarding their problems, seeing a psychiatrist if they have some major issues etc.

Symptoms Of A Cell Phone Addiction

2. Social Isolation

Again, studies have proved this to be one of the most obvious signs, as people begin to prefer using their phones, tablets and personal laptops and spend their time watching movies etc as opposed to going out, meeting friends, enjoying nature etc. People begin to be cooped up in their homes more and more than go outside.

cell phone addiction Symptoms

3. Mood Swings

Studies also tell us that another common facet of cell phone addiction is a tendency to behave irrationally, with no fixed or rational direction of purpose, a tendency to suddenly jump from happiness to sadness, or vice versa, to suddenly start crying etc.

cell phone addiction Signs

4. Lack of self-thinking and impatience

This is yet another commonly observed trait among cell phone addicts. Since they are so attached to their cell phones and are used to instant solutions and instant everything, as a matter of fact, they do not have even a slight amount of patience and become very angry or irritated if they do not get what they want at the moment they want it.

break cell phone addiction

These are some of the symptoms that characterize cell phone addiction.

How to break cell phone addiction?

  1. Setting up a schedule to use their phones, such as half an hour after lunch, two hours before sleeping etc.
  2. Keeping their phone in their parents’ custody while studying, or while say, going out for a walk, etc

These are some of the obvious methods to break cell phone addiction.

But apart from these measures, what other effective measures exist, and that too, in the hands of the parents which could prevent this mishap?

Well, dear parents, fear no more, for here we bring you Spyzie, which is the best Parental Control and Monitoring software ever developed.

Spyzie - The Best Parental Control Software

Naturally, the question arises: what is Spyzie? It is an application which is designed especially for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids’ activities on their smartphone devices. This application is unique in the way that it allows the parents to monitor their children’s activity on their smartphones using their (the parents’ that is) laptops, which can be remotely connected to their children’s phones, thus giving them the de facto control that is indeed required in such situations for unbridled use of cellphones gives rise to the symptoms described above and which ultimately leads to the children becoming misfits in society which could lead even to suicide and worse things.

Best Parental Control Software

  • App blocker: Use the app blocker to restrict usage of certain apps on your child’s phone.
  • Schedule restriction: Set a schedule restriction to restrict the usage time on your child’s phone.
  • GPS (Global Positioning System): Get to know the whereabouts of your children.
  • Messages: Read the messages on your children’s’ phone.
  • Browsing History: Get to know about your children’s Internet activity
  • Video and Photo: Get to view your children’s gallery.
  • Keylogger: Get to know what the children are typing into their phones.
  • WhatsApp: Get to read all their WhatsApp chats.
  • Facebook: Get to know about all their Facebook activities.
  • Instagram: Check and monitor all their Instagram photos and videos.

Etc and many more such monitoring facilities.

Thus, we can successfully conclude by saying that, if all of you parents are anxious to ensure your children’s safety and you want to prevent mishaps regarding cell phone usage, then, have no fear, don’t think twice and unanimously choose Spyzie.

For all of you will not find a better app for monitoring your children’s activities than the one we have brought for you. Hurry and choose Spyzie today!

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