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Are you addicted to your phone? Some scary statistics about cell phone addiction symptoms show that an average adult looks on their cellphone screens more than 100 times a day, and roughly 40% of cellphone users make use of the cellphones while in the toilet or bathroom. Shockingly, at least 1 out of every 10 people makes use of their cellphones while in the shower. It slightly easier for adults to break phone addiction but it is not so easy for millennials (those move in the year 2000s) to break the addiction. It is also believed that at least 1 out of every millennial makes use of a cellphone while having sex, and more than 60% of people check their cell phones before they retire to bed. As bad as it may seem, there are natural cell phone addiction solutions you can consider.

What is cell phone addiction?

Cellphone addiction is referred to as a problematic usage of a cellphone or more than one cellphone. It is also referred to as mobile phone dependency syndrome that exists among a number of mobile phone users worldwide. Cellphone addiction is characterized by excessive time being spent on the cellphone until it becomes a behavioral issue whereby hardly can one stay away from the cellphone for a while. There is not specific duration that constitutes a cellphone addiction, but one of the clearest cell phone addiction symptoms is that you may often hold your phone in your hand and don’t even know the reason why.

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If you are looking for how to break cell phone addiction, then you need to be aware of its signs and symptoms first. The expansion of the functionalities of cellphones has made them become more functional which in turn has increased the likelihood of overuse or addiction. According to a survey, roughly 67% of respondents admitted to checking their cellphones even when the cellphones don’t ring or vibrate. This perhaps is the major symptom or sign of cellphone addiction.

Although most countries have not recognized cellphone addiction as a form of mental disorder, researches, however, have classified cellphone addiction as similar to gambling addiction, hence it deserves serious attention. The commonest cell phone addiction symptoms are:

  • The need to use cellphone more often in order to achieve the same desired effects from time to time (for instance, the use of a cellphone to play some games over and over again).
  • Procrastination- This is the habit of postponing things such as tasks and appointment that you can do right away. Addiction to cellphone can force the victim to keep postponing tasks due to the need to satisfy the urge for the cellphone.
  • Anxiety and depression – Many young people today turn on their cellphones when they are depressed or anxious. They use their cellphones to buy time because of some unwanted feelings.
  • Putting jobs and relationships at risk – excessive use of cellphones can isolate the victim or make one suffer relationship or job problems.
  • Loss of sense of time- Excessive use of cellphones is always characterized by the loss of sense of time as the victims may not be aware that there are more important things they could be doing at that time.

How to break cell phone addiction?

There are a number of cell phone addiction solutions that can help you break phone addiction. Cellphone withdrawal syndromes such anxiety, anger, tension, irritability, and depression are usually witnessed by a victim when cellphone network becomes unreachable, but eventually, the individual will come to terms with the fact that withdrawing from cellphone addiction is possible. There are several methods to help you break phone addiction.

  • Start by setting up a number of times you use your smartphone per hour- You may want to download an app to help you track your smartphone usage per hour. If you check your cellphone up to 20 times an hour, try to reduce the number gradually.
  • Have certain times of the day you will put your smartphone away from you- If you are searching for how to break cell phone addiction there is no better way to go about it other than making a conscious effort to put away the cellphone at certain hours of the day. It may be the busiest hours at work or when you are helping your children with their homework.
  • Customize or turn off notification sounds- are you addicted to your phone? The primary reason you find it difficult to handle cellphone addiction is that you hear notification sounds often. Research experts believe turning off notifications for incoming chats or messages is one of the best possible ways of putting your mind off cellphone usages.
  • Understand the main triggers of your excessive cellphone usage- we do everything for certain reasons and this applies to excessive cellphone usage. Uncovering the reason for excessive cellphone usage will help you deal with the issue psychologically. The most important step is to develop hobbies that will take your mind away from cellphone addiction when such triggers arise.

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How to help your child break cell phone addiction?

Children can be addicted to excessive cellphone use just like adults and fortunately, they can also get help to break cellphone addiction just like adults. The best possible ways of helping your child get over excessive use of cellphones are:

  • Make use of a parental control app, for example, Spyzie - this app limits the number of apps or websites a child can visit on a phone, this will eventually help curb addiction to pornographic and other abusive websites.
  • how to break cell phone addiction

  • Have a family time where no cellphones or gadgets are allowed for 2-3 hours, only books and writing materials must be allowed.
  • If possible, have them switch off their cellphones and hand them over until the following morning.

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In conclusion, it is important to make use of parental control and monitoring software such as Spyzie that allows parents to monitor themselves and their children in a bid to stop addiction to excessive cellphone usage. Monitoring software has been found to be very effective especially in handling stubborn kids and it is available on android and IOS.

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