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App Blocker

Block Certain Apps To Keep Threats Away

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Schedule Restriction

Set Schedule To Restrict Mobile Phone Usage

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Know where they are


Always Keep Track On Target`s Location

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Set Geofencing And Get Alerts When Target Get Cross

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WiFi Logger

Track the Target`s Location Locations via Wi-Fi Hotspots

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Know what they are doing


Check The Detailed Calllog Of Target Device

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Check All The Text Messages On Target Device

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Browsing History

Check The Browsing History Of Target Device

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APP Activity

Know All The App Usages, Activitivities And Durations

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Automatically Record All The Input Information

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Read Details of All Incoming/Outgoing Emails

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Check Events and Arrangements On The Calendar

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Voice and Memo

Track the Notes and Voice Memos On Target Device

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Video and Photo

View Videos And Photo Albums On Target Device

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View Documents Stored on Your Kid's Phone Remotely

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Sim Tracker

Detect and Send Details of Any SIM Card Change

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View Deleted SMS, Calls, Photos and Videos on Target Phone

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Know how they are connected


Check All Messages On WhatsApp

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Check All Messages On Facebook And Facebook Messenger

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Check All Messages On Kik App

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Check All Messages On Wechat App

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Check All Messages On Line App

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Check All Messages And Photos On Instagram App

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Voice of spyzie users

"Spyzie helps me protect my kids and that's most important."

Collected From Alexander, USA
A Father who wants to protect his 2 little girl from inapproriate information online

"Really like the Spyzie monitoring solution. With it my employees and I have better understanding of the work."

Collected From Frank, Canada
The Founder and CEO of A Estate Company Who Wants To Know More About His Employee

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